[Day 1: C-9] Thrifty Rails - How to run a production app on a budget

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登壇者: TenTen Ltd. Laura Eck

The app you launched last year is becoming more and more popular. The business seems to be going well - but the developers are struggling. Everything used to work fine, but now, with more users and new features, the load on the app is increasing. Suddenly your requests are timing out, you run out of database connections, you keep going over memory, background processing takes forever, your users are complaining and your manager is very unhappy.

To keep your users (and your manager) happy, you need to make sure that your app is fast and reliable even under increased load. But what if your company is small and can't afford to upgrade their servers every two weeks?

In this talk, we will discuss ways to make Rails apps faster, more streamlined and more resource efficient without having to spend a lot of money. I will share real world examples of relevant problems, how to locate them, and how to solve them while reducing the need to constantly scale your infrastructure.

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ちゃんとmetrixをとっているところが印象的でした なん人くらいのチームの時からmetrixの監視を始めましたか?


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